BREXIT – Impact on export orders

Due to the uncertainty regarding export processes, we , unfortunately will not be able to accept any orders from outside of England, Scotland & Wales from midnight December 11th 2020.

As soon as we have clarity and are confident that we can adhere to the new customs requirements, we will resume export orders.


Morris Register members  get an additional 12.5% discount off the published prices by entering a coupon code at the checkout stage in the “have coupon box” see below.

The coupon code is changed monthly and can be found on page 3 of the current (October 2020) edition of Morris Monthly.

The MORRIS REGISTER aims to provide a service that will help MEMBERS keep their Morris in GOOD FETTLE and suitable for safe and ENJOYABLE MOTORING
The Service is run by volunteers in their own free time, shipping will be organised as soon as possible, you will receive email updates regarding order processing and dispatch. The Spares Team are not always available to go into detailed discussions with members as to which is the correct part for their car, however  information given in the descriptions and the help charts  should be sufficient to identify the parts you need.

If you are unsure about the suitability of a  part , then please put a request for assistance onto the Forum.

There will always be members “on line” who will be able to share their knowledge with you.

Prices & VAT

This site will detects the country you are viewing from and will show prices to include VAT where appropriate; i.e. the UK and other EU countries will see prices with VAT added, non EU including the Channel Islands will see prices without VAT, ultimately the site will add VAT if the shipping address is within the E.U.

The Shop is linked to a secure card payment system using a secure gateway provided by PayPal; you don’t have to have a PayPal account to use this, you can use your own credit or debit card.

Stock Items

We stock a range of spares needed for the maintenance and overhaul of the most popular models. These stock items mainly comprise engine, transmission, electrical and brake parts for the Morris 8, 10 and Minor models with a limited stock of similar parts for other Morris models.

Using the on-line Shop

Categories. On the left of this page are the “Categories”, and within each category are a number of “sub-categories”.  Choose the category that includes the part you are looking for.

Search. You can also use the search function to find parts; by inserting key words into the search box (top right of this page), you will be taken to parts that meet the description in the key words you used.

Identification Help Charts. For some categories of parts, there is a link to a more detailed Identification Help Chart. This give more details relevant to that particular category of part, to help you to make the right choice.

Model Year and Series                      

Click here for an index which gives a guide to the identification of Morris cars. It shows the range of chassis numbers for each model in each year.

Up to 1935, Morris introduced changes to the specification of models from year to year, these changes being introduced at or around the time of the Motor Show in October.  This can present problems when shopping for spares, when you need to quote the model year, not the year of registration.  After 1935, Series production was introduced, and the year is less important than the Series number.

Buying. When you are content that this is the part you need, press “add to basket” and continue shopping for other parts. To check your selection, press “cart” at the top of the page.   To complete the purchase, press “checkout”.

Paying. A standard postage rate will be applied, and VAT added where relevant. You will be taken through to the secure payment system. 

And Finally:

Please remember the Service is run by members for the benefit of other members in their own time amidst many other family and personal priorities. Whilst every effort is made to expedite spares orders, the service is unable to provide an overnight or return of post service.

The Spares Service will do its utmost to make sure members get the parts they need!

Due to the extent of North America litigation and the complex liability law, we can not ship spares to the US or Canada