Radiator Hose & Fan Belt Charts

Note – part numbers starting with “HO” are Moulded Hoses, All others are straight – see below for key to this

Formed Cooling Hoses Chart

HB260HO3261935-38Morris 8 (s1 & s2
HB260HO1751939-46Morris 8 SE models
HO011HB2051929-31OHC Minor
HO021HB2051929-34Side-valve Minor
HB260HO3261934Late Minor
N/AHC2101936-3810/4 series 2
N/AHE155193810/4 series 3
HD060HD1551922-2611.9hp Cowley, 13.9hp Oxford
HD080HE185Late 1927 to 3011.9hp Cowley, 13.9hp Oxford
HD080HE275193111.9hp Cowley, 14/32hp
HD080HE1601932-3311.9hp Cowley, 14/32hp
N/AHC2801931-33Major 6
N/AHD1851936-3712/4 series 2
N/AHC2801930-33Oxford 6
N/AHD155 Isis, up to chassis 4039
N/AHC2101933-34Oxford 6
N/AHC210 Isis, chassis 4040 on
HC410HE1601934-35Cowley 12/4
HO326 HO175 HO021 HO011 HB260

Straight Cooling Hose Chart

Hose internal diameter5/8"7/8"1"11/8"11/4"11/2"13/4"17/8"2"21/4"21/2"

NOTE: The above part numbers includes the length in millimetres; just replace the “000” with the length. For example: A 11/2“(38mm) internal diameter hose, 260mm long, would be HB260

We do not stock straight hose on draught, but with the dimensions from the tables above you will be able to buy your own from radiator hose suppliers. We recommend the silicone radiator hoses now available from some specialist suppliers.

Fan Belts Chart

Reg part No
Part NoYear Vehicle 
FB002B 40 1935-38Morris 8 Series 1 & 2
FB100B 38 Morris 8 Series E , Z Van,1934/5 Cowley 4 &
FB930 1933-35Ten Four pre-series
FB170  1935-3810 & 12 Series 2 (check – 12/4 should be bigger than 10/4?)
FB284 1938-4012/4 series 3
FB162 193914/6 series 3
FB353 193810/4 Series 3
FB133 1936-3814/6 series 2
FB432 1938-4025/6 series 3