Brake master cylinder- Morris 10/4 & 12/4: Oxford /Cowley, 1934 – 1935


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A brand new Lockheed brake master cylinder as fitted to the following Pre-War Morris models…………1934 – 1935 10/4 & 10/6…… 1934 – 1935 12/4 Oxford /Cowley. … It will not fit later 10hp or 12hp models……..This cylinder is designed for a traditional (pre-war) banjo fitting on the outlet thread – not a direct male pipe nut fitting into it.

Over the years its possible your car had an earlier or later M/C fitted, in some cases the only difference was the thread of the output! Its worth checking from the diagram below (extracts from the Lockheed Catalogue)  that you are ordering he correct model

Inch 1/4 bore
1/2 inch UNF outlet

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