Rotor arm-DK4A- DKH4, DKH4A, DKY4A -10/4 SV 34-38 & 12/4 SV 35-3,- Cowley 4 1934


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Rotor arm for DK4A- DKH4, DKH4A, DKY4A (anti-clockwise from base, clockwise from top). Replaces Lucas 400052/405469

Application; 10/4 SV 1934-38 & 12/4 SV 1935-3,- Cowley 4 1934

Morris Part number if known; 400052/405469


The direction of rotation of Lucas distributors is always given viewed from the driving end. Therefore the extension of the electrode must always point in the direction of rotation. The rotors on the left and centre will both be fitted to clock distributors ; that on the right to anti-clock distributors

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